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Roku keeps losing connection

Sometimes, you may face the issue of your Roku losing its connection. This will affect the streaming and as a consequence, you won’t be able to watch the shows on your electronic device.

Reasons why Roku keeps losing connection

A single reason can’t be pinpointed for Roku losing its connection. The lists of reasons for Roku keeps losing connection are


Devices not within range

Roku keeps losing connection if your devices are not within the range. If you refer to the Roku instruction manual, you will see the prescribed distances within which theRoku, Router and the electronic device you are connecting with have to be placed. Try placing the Roku, Router and the electronic device within the distance prescribed in the manual.

Damage to the Roku Components

Sometimes there might be damage in your Roku components like USB cable, power cord or router. This damage may gradually lead to your Roku losing connection. Hence, it is always advisable to replace the damaged components of Roku with new ones

Weak Signal

There are various levels in your signal strength, like Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent. See if you have set your signal to good or excellent, if not go to settings and change the signal settings. Alternatively, you can also try clearing the signal congestions by delinking some devices from the network you are using.

Software update and reset

Additionally, ensure to update your Roku software by going to the settings option. Moreover, try a reset of your Roku device. Reset of Roku may at times boost the network connectivity.

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